Dark Age : These 5 Villages of Kashmir Are Without Electricity Since 1992

Kashmir electricity problem

Images of Electricity Problem Persisting in These Villages of Kashmir Since 1992

Imagine living in a world with little or no electricity when the sun sets.That’s the problem of about 5 villages (images not shown) of Kupwara district in Kashmir.

They’re not left completely in the dark images. Kerosene lamps provide light. Timber provides fuel for cooking.

Five villages Sharanth, Gratnard, Daryain, Doban and Chakla with a population of about seven thousand people barely 35 kilometers from the district headquarters faces numerous problems due not absence of electricity.

Interestingly these villages are of Minister for Rural development Ab. HAQ khan’s constituency.

According to residents of these villages (of Kashmir ) they have not seen electricity so far. PDD laid electric poles in the area before 6 years but villages not electrified so far. “We are living without electricity and there has been no progress on the ground despite repeated assurances given to us by local legislator during 2014 election campaign and his recent visit,” the residents said.

Speaking with Vaadionline sarpanch of the area Ab. Rashid said “During election campaign on the directions of local MLA the officials from Power Development Department brought electric poles and wire that was to give us an impression that our villages will be rid of electricity problem. But as the election was over, the PDD officials not visited these villages resulting in damage to wires by heavy snowfall”

“The people in power department make misleading and false promises to take our votes. Besides physical suffering we undergo psychological trauma as well. How our kids can read books and do schoolwork which they have to do at home “.he added.

The locals regretted that despite being the villages of constituency of a sitting cabinet minister, the villages have been suffering from electricity problem in 21th century


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