2 Army Personnel, 2 Children Killed As Camp Comes Under Fidayeen Attack in Jammu

Jammu Fidayeen militants attack Army camp

Jammu Fidayeen Attack :Militants Kill 2 Army men

Two Indian Army personnel along with two children have been killed and several injured after fidayeen militants launched an attack in Sunjuwan Army camp of Jammu.

A group of four heavily armed Jaish-e-Mohammed Fidayeen (JeM) Militants today attacked the army establishment in Jammu in wee hours of the morning.

In a latest, IAF para commandoes have been airlifted from Udhampur for Sunjuwan camp and another aircraft is on its way from Sarsawa.

The fidayeen militants are currently believed
to be holed up near the residential area in the camp.

The militants breached the rear side of the Sunjuwan Army camp near Chenni on the outskirts of the Jammu city, a security official said.

They hurled grenades and used heavy volume of automatic gunfire to enter the Sunjuwan Military Station, police sources said.


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