14 Memorable Quotes of Afzal Guru – An Uncommon Kashmiri

Afzal Guru quotes hanged parliament attack 2001

Quotes of Afzal Guru -An Unforgettable Kashmiri Character Who was convicted of 2001 Parliament attack

Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri, whose life took an ugly turn when he was convicted of an attack on Parliament in 2001. Eventually he was hanged on 9th February, 2013 in Tihar Jail, Janakpuri.

Some Famous quotes and advices of Afzal Guru that have been extracted from his letters, Interviews etc.

1. Means define the end and the end doesn’t define the means.

2. Our immediate and pressing problem is indian militarisation, our lives, property and diginity are not safe till their presence here.

3. It’s incumbent upon all to resort to Jihad as per the Quranic guildlines.

4. Shake the invincible image of india.

5. We should liberate ourselves from wrong policies.

6. New Kashmiri generation will not fall for Ghandism or Karzaism.

7. Valley is boiling in blood.

8. No sheikh Abdullah can sell Kashmir now.

9. It is the duty of intellectuals to take Kashmiris out of the Marsh of indian occupation.

10. Deen-i-Islam should be fountainhead of our struggle. Animals also fight for rice, grass and other needs.

11. Those leaders who are feeling tired should leave the movement for their own good and larger public intrest.

12. There is a high need of introspection among Kashmiris and pro-freedom leadership.

13. Kashmiri’s should learn to Value the sacrifices of Martyrs.

14. India the world’s largest Democracy is also the world’s largest ccupation.


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